What We Do

Our Mission to Mercer Island: We provide, coordinate and advocate for affordable, high quality human services for all.

We help all Islanders thrive… through these programs and services:

    School-Based Mental Health Counselors
    Friendship, stress & anxiety, self-esteem, family concerns, anger and crisis counseling; drug & alcohol prevention/intervention experts at IMS and MIHS.

    Teens participate in an 8-week summer program and learn firsthand the importance of giving back through volunteer opportunities.

    Thrift Shop
    Give. Shop. Volunteer. Focus on work-skill development and sustainability.

    Communities That Care
    Preventing the harm caused by youth drug & alcohol use, depression, anxiety and other risk behaviors.

    Mental Health Services
    Counseling for individuals, couples and families on a sliding fee scale.

    Diversion & Early Intervention
    Arrested youth are re-focused on positive learning experiences while being held accountable for illegal behavior.

    Senior Outreach and Advocacy
    Full range of geriatric services for issues related to aging including consultation, counseling and care management.

    Family & Emergency Assistance
    Supports for rent, utility, holiday, back to school and employment assistance. Food Bank at Luther Burbank Park offices.

    PRIVACY POLICY: No information is provided to or shared with third parties.

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