Business Program Partners

MIYFS gives Special Thanks also to our Giving from the Heart Business Program Partners.
With their partnership – all Mercer Islanders can participate in Giving from the Heart.
Please be sure to continue visting, shopping and thanking these local Mercer Island businesses.
All the Best Pet Care – Susan Moss, owner
Auto Spa – Suzanne Skone, owner
c.michele interior lifestyles – Carly Burns, owner
David Weed Orthodontics – David Weed, owner
Freshy’s Seafood Market – Bryce Caldwell, owner
Hennie McPennie Children’s Shoes – John & Theresa Keith, owners
Island Books – Roger & Nancy Page, owners
Island Crust Cafe – Kim and Richard Benjamin, owners
Island Treats – Ann Peterson, owner
Pete’s South Mercer Chevron – Pete Caldwell, owner
Phat 12 Island Broiler – Chef “T” Hemmard, owner
Studio 904 – Kay Hirai, owner
Yogabliss – Maria Bliss, owner

Why Local Business Support MIYFS…

We have learned that most of us, be we rich or poor, old or young, alone or with family need help sometime. It might be just a supportive ear, a couple of strong backs, or something to tide you over till you get back on your feet. The amazing thing about MIYFS is that it provides that incredibly broad range of services for all members of our community. From the teenager whose dad dies, to a business owner needing a helping hand, or from a couple in searching for childcare options or an elder searching for company. They are the truly full service organization that knits our community together.
– Roger and Nancy Page, Island Books


Several years ago my daughter was a mother’s helper and tutor for a single mother family on the Island. Over time my daughter saw the mother’s mental health deteriorating and a situation that was becoming desperate. It was beyond our abilities to help and we were able to call MIYFS (as I recall it was a weekend or holiday) to get mental health intervention, food and support for the family.
 Suzanne Skone, Auto Spa


My family has called Mercer Island home since the 1950’s and organizations like MIYFS are what make Mercer Island a special community and a great place to live. I love that I have an opportunity to support MIYFS’ amazing work for the families and residents of Mercer Island.
– Carly Burns, c.michele


Freshy’s Seafood believes in sustainability, not only in the product that we sell but as importantly in our community. MIYFS is the backbone to a sustainable healthy community. A place to go when there may be seemingly nowhere else to turn. Freshy’s is proud to be a sustainable community partner of MIYFS.
– Bryce Caldwell, Freshy’s


John and I have been given many opportunities to give back, offering shoes and sponsorships to local groups since opening Hennie McPennie. When the opportunity came to give to Giving from the Heart we welcomed it.

A few years ago an acquaintance shared with me she often struggled with feeding her family, as a single mom, new to the community, she was unaware of the services available to her and her small family. She was so grateful to MIYFS. They helped her in many ways her single income could not, a true friend in a time of need.
– John & Theresa Keith, Hennie McPennie


MIYFS is an amazing organization. Its compassionate breadth of services continues to touch every family where help is needed. The resources and services provided by the MIYFS are vital in keeping our community a healthy, safe and a happy place to live. As a responsible business owner, I am happy to help them in any way I can…. free haircuts, gift boxes to delight the teens to raising funds to ensure their sustainability. Thank you for all you do.
-Kay Hirai, Studio 904



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